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(answers verified with Dept of Transport website (Highway code) and the Road Traffic Act (1988)

1.Warning signs are triangular with a red border. They all have an edge on the bottom and a corner on the top, however one sign is inverted, with a corner pointing down. Which one?
2.What does a "minimum speed limit" sign look like
3.What colour signs are used to direct you to tourist attractions
4.What is the maximum speed limit for an HGV over 7.5 tonnes on a UK motorway
5.Which animal is depicted on a warning sign for "wild animals"
6.On a UK motorway, can you legally overtake a vehicle on the left
7.Circular speed limits signs come in 2 sizes. What does the difference mean.
8.What is the maximum speed limit on a motorway for motorhomes or motor caravans of more than 3.05 tonnes maximum unladen weight
9.Is it legal to use your phone to pay for a drive thru
10.If your indicators failed, what is the hand signal for turning left

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 26th July 2018