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1.The Rose Bowl sport stadium in the US has hosted Super Bowl finals, and the 1994 World Cup Final. Which US State is it in.
2."La Vie en rose" was the signature song of the popular French singer nicknamed "The Little Sparrow". What was her name
3.Axl Rose is the lead singer with which US rock band
4.Which movie centres around discovering the meaning of "Rosebud"
5.Who played Rose Tyler, companion of Dr Who from 2005 to 2013
6.Felipe Rose founded a pop group which included a construction worker, a Red Indian and a biker. Name the group
7."Kiss from a Rose" won Record of the Year at the 1996 Grammy Awards. Who was the singer
8.Rose Nylund was a comedy character played by Betty White in the 80s & 90s. Name the US sitcom.
9.The Rose Bowl, home of Hampshire cricket club, changed its name in 2011 in a sponsorship deal. What is it's name today.
10.Rose, played by Polly Perkins, was an Eastenders character 2011-2012, and the half sister to which major character.

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