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The answers to the first 9 questions should lead you to a common connection.

1.Which large Devon village contains the medieval manor of Burn, which is listed in the will of King Alfred the Great of AD899?
2.What was the former name of Turkey's largest city Istanbul?
3.What, along with faith and charity makes up the three theological virtues of the Christian faith?
4.For which 2010 film did Natalie Portman win the best actress Oscar?
5.Which writers most famous works are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea & Around the World in 80 Days?
6.In legend, who is the most notorious pest control operative in the region of Lower Saxony, Germany?
7.In maths, what name is given to a diagram using intersecting circles, to show the relationship between sets?
8.Which budget airline is Europe;s largest carrier, with over 130 million passengers a year?
9.What is the most common surname in use in India?
10.What connects the previous 9 answers?

quiz kindly submitted by Durbz on 15th October 2018