1. Otherwise known as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
 The Penguin
2. American 70's musical sitcom starring Shirley Jones as a single mother of 5
 The Partridge Family
3. 1968 guitar-based instrumental song by Fleetwood Mac
4. The name of Ian Fleming's house in Jamaica
5. Nickname of Forfar Athletic F.C.
 The Loons
6. Country in which you will find the cathedral (and now museum) Hagia Sophia
7. In the 1960 Rat Pack movie Ocean's 11, they robbed five Las Vegas casinos, Sahara, Riviera, Desert Inn, Sands, and which other
 The Flamingo
8. A medium blue-green colour, similar to cyan.
9. Name of the bolshie shop steward played by Peter Sellers in the 1959 British comedy film I'm All Right Jack
 Fred Kite
10. What's the connection?