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Given the year of release and a synopsis of the true story behind it, name the song.

1.1980: Titled after a bomb, and the fact that pilot named the aircraft that dropped it after his mother.
2.1969. The song writer tells of the events of his marriage and their publicly held honeymoon activities.
3.1972. The band travel to Switzerland to record, but a fire means the place is burnt down the night before.
4.1983. Song titled after a woman who claims that the narrator is the father of her newborn son, which he denies.
5.1979. Following a shooting in a San Diego school, the 16 year old shooter was asked "why".
6.1991. Song written following the death of the artist's son aged 4.
7.1989. More than 100 headline events between 1949 and 1989
8.1971. Describes the emotions of a 13 year old boy when he hears of the death of his musical icon.
9.1983. Lyrics describe the horror felt by an observer in Northern Ireland after witnessing a major incident in Derry
10.1885. Anti Vietnam war song, where the singer draws attention the young average age of the US troops.