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1.Who is the mother of 'Strictly Come Dancing' presenter Claudia Winkleman?
2.Along with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin who won the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize?
3.'Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues is a perennial Christmas record, but who is the lead singer of 'The Pogues'?
4.Who wrote the autobiographical book 'The Naked Civil Servant'?
5.Which radio and television personality was born Maurice Cole?
6.Released in 2000, Eminem's hit 'Stan' included a sample of a song by which British singer?
7.Who won an Oscar for their role in the 1951 film 'The African Queen'?
8.Fashion model Mingus Reedus is the son of which former super model?
9.Who played the title role in the 1976 film Carrie?
10.What is the connection between the nine people in the answers?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 18th December 2018