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1.Which movie character was the "Grand Master of the Jedi Order"
2.In which system on a car would you find a master cylinder
Brake (or clutch)
3.Mastermind was presented by Magnus Magnussun until 1997, and then by John Humphreys from 2003. In the years between, the programme only appeared on Radio 4, and Discovery Channel. Name either presenter.
Peter Snow hosted a version on BBC Radio 4, and Clive Anderson ran for a year on the Discovery Channel
4.Name the female chef who presents "MasterChef: The Professionals" with Marcus Wareing
Monica Galetti
5.In which US city in the Masters Golf tournament held
Augusta (Georgia)
6.Who had a hit in 1980 with Master Blaster
Stevie Wonder
7.Who starred in the 2003 Oscar nominated movie "Master and Commander (The Far Side of the World)"
Russell Crowe
8.The Master is a recurring villain in which television series
Doctor Who
9.Master Humphrey's Clock was a weekly periodical of 1840, edited and written under the pen name Boz. Name the writer.
Charles Dickens
10.Gill Masterson was a 60s James Bond character. How did she die
Played by Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger, she was painted head to toe in gold paint and died from "skin suffocation"