1. Only Connect has questions identified by 6 Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Name any one of them.
 Two reeds, lion, twisted flax, horned viper, water and the Eye of Horus
2. Which game show had contestants answering questions while being in various bizarre and sometimes painful situations
 Distraction (Jimmy Carr presented)
3. There are 5 chasers on ITV's The Chase. Which one is married to a second cousin
 Mark Labbett
4. Which popular game show of the 70s & 80s was revived for 2 episodes in April 2018 & hosted by Mel & Sue
 The Generation Game
5. In series 2 of which programme (in 2015), was "Brian's Bonus" introduced. This is an extra clue from the host, which if taken, reduces the winnings from £500 to £400.
 Who's Doing the Dishes (Brian McFadden presented)
6. Which TV game show first aired in 1990, ran till 1993 when the original host left, to be replaced by Ed Tudor-Pole, and ended its run in 1995. It has been revamped, and back on our screens in 2016
 The Crystal Maze
7. Who chaired Eggheads before Jeremy Vine
 Dermot Murnaghan
8. Countdown has been presented by 5 different men since it first aired in 1982. Name the 2 of them that have the same Christian name.
 Des Lynam & Des O'Connor
9. Which sportsman preceded Phil Tuffnell as a captain on Question of Sport 1997-2008, seated opposite John Parrott, Frankie Dettori and Matt Dawson during those years.
 Ally McCoist
10. Which TV game show has been athletically presented by both Suzi Perry & Annabelle Croft
 Treasure Hunt