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1.Only Connect has questions identified by 6 Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Name any one of them.
2.Which game show had contestants answering questions while being in various bizarre and sometimes painful situations
3.There are 5 chasers on ITV's The Chase. Which one is married to a second cousin
4.Which popular game show of the 70s & 80s was revived for 2 episodes in April 2018 & hosted by Mel & Sue
5.In series 2 of which programme (in 2015), was "Brian's Bonus" introduced. This is an extra clue from the host, which if taken, reduces the winnings from £500 to £400.
6.Which TV game show first aired in 1990, ran till 1993 when the original host left, to be replaced by Ed Tudor-Pole, and ended its run in 1995. It has been revamped, and back on our screens in 2016
7.Who chaired Eggheads before Jeremy Vine
8.Countdown has been presented by 5 different men since it first aired in 1982. Name the 2 of them that have the same Christian name.
9.Which sportsman preceded Phil Tuffnell as a captain on Question of Sport 1997-2008, seated opposite John Parrott, Frankie Dettori and Matt Dawson during those years.
10.Which TV game show has been athletically presented by both Suzi Perry & Annabelle Croft

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 9th January 2019