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1.Name the 5th movie in the "Dirty Harry" series (1988) following Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, and Sudden Impact.
2.Which movie followed in the series after "A Fistful of Dollars" and "For a Few Dollars More"
3.Name the 1979 movie that was based on a true story, and largely shot at the original island location
4.Name either of the movies in which Eastwood played Philo Beddoe
5.In which movie does Eastwood play a pilot who steals a Russian military aircraft
6.Which 2008 movie, directed and produced (but not starring) Eastwood, is based on real life murders of 1928, and starred Angelina Jolie as a woman reunited with a boy whom she insists is not her missing son.
7.In which 1969 musical does Eastwood sing "I talk to the trees"
8.Name Eastwood's first movie as a director, in which he plays the role of a radio DJ being stalked by an obsessed female fan.
9.In which 2008 movie does Eastwood portray a widowed Korean War veteran who is angry at the world, and the relationship with a boy who tries stealing his prized 1972 Ford
10.Eastwood found fame after playing Rowdy Yates in which US TV western series, 1959 to 1965

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