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1.What was Alfred Hitchcock`s first film to be filmed in colour rather than black and white?
2.By what name is the Central Criminal Court in London better known?
3.Muhammed Ali, Cher, Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan have all admitted to suffering from the fear of what?
4.By what nickname was band leader & clarinettist Benny Goodman known
5.What did George Bradshaw published guides about in the 19th Century.
6.If you were to see a sign for a ‘peaje’ on a French or Spanish road, what would you be approaching?
7.What is the first property you`d pass on a standard Monopoly board?
8.What is the name of the famous London landmark building that provides road and pedestrian access between the Mall and Trafalgar Square?
9.Which card game is the British variant of blackjack and sometimes called vingt-et-un in French?
10.What word connects all the answers?

quiz kindly submitted by Barbara Kkazwini on 27th February 2019


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