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Clues give facts about 3 people who share the same surname. Which name?

1.Cream drummer / played Inspector Wexford / played R2-D2
Baker. Ginger / George / Kenny
2.Married to Prunella Scales / played Batman / Yeezy footwear is a collaboration between Adidas and which American.
West. Timothy / Adam / Kanye
3.Born Vincent Damon Furnier / star of High Noon (1952) / 2015 Labour leadership contender
Cooper. Alice / Gary / Yvette
4.The author of the contentious autobiography "The Man in The White Suit" / Appears in "The Only Way Is Essex" / Author of Hollywood Wives
Collins. Ben / Gemma / Jackie
5.English conductor best known for his association with the Proms / animator associated with Postman Pat & The Wombles / architect who designed the Royal Crescent in Bath.
Wood. Henry / Ivor / John
6.Resigned from Harlequins Rugby Club in 2009 after "Bloodgate" / author of Billy Bunter / knighted West Indian cricketer, born 1952
Richards. Dean / Frank / Viv
7.Name used by DJ & song-writer Adam Wiles / wrote a series of books featuring Hannibal Lecter / Played Solomon Lane in two of the "Mission: Impossible" movie series.
Harris. Calvin / Thomas / Sean
8.Member of Monty Python / played May Day in the Bond movie A View to a Kill / member of the Monkees
Jones. Terry / Grace / Davy
9.England cricketer, the fifth highest Test run scorer of all time / died in Hawaii 1779 / Fatboy Slim
Cook. Alastair / James / Norman
10.Love Unlimited was a female vocal trio that provided backing vocals for this singer / Guitarist who replaced Joe Strummer in The Clash / Six times World Championship snooker finalist
White. Barry / Vince / Jimmy