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3 clues, one common answer

1.A piece of equipment used in gymnastics / equus / a variant of poker
2.US State capital / card game / terrier
3.A rapid and transient change from a baseline value / peas or beans / 1995 Pink Floyd album
4.Nickname of Scunthorpe United FC / atomic number 26 / a token used in Monopoly until 2013
5.Geraldine Granger / eggy toast / movie starring character Popeye Doyle
6.Hadyn's Symphony No. 101 / a dandelion flower head that is ready for seed dispersal / Alan Steadman is fifth permanent provider of this service since it's inception in 1936
7.Jet engine used to power Concorde / Highest point in Cyprus / the tallest known volcano and mountain in the solar system
8.Ian Watkins / diamorphine / Harold Steptoe
9.Any type of mobile construction machinery / snooker combination shot / the creative member of a team in the "Belbin Team Inventory"
10.A vertical member in wall construction / an animal retained for breeding / protrusions on the sole of a shoe, worn when playing sports

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 22nd April 2019