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Name the Blue Peter presenter. The year they first presented the programme is given.

1.2008. Later known for her Sport Relief challenges, which included cycling to the south pole, and kayaking the entire length of the Amazon.
2.1983. Reported in 1987 that she was sacked from the programme for being unmarried and pregnant, but in recent years she has stated that she was fully supported by the Blue Peter team.
3.1987. Later established her own TV production company. Her first production was Most Haunted, where paranormal experts investigate various locations.
4.1992. Was married DJ Peter Powell, and later Grant Bovey.
5.1959. Not actually an official presenter, but his artwork contributed to the show through the 1960s. Later known for the animated character of Morph.
6.1997. Sacked the following year for admitting taking cocaine.
7.1958. The first male presenter, stayed until 1967.
8.2000. Now presents Countryfile
9.1980. Married DJ Mike Smith in 1989
10.1965. The longest serving male presenter, who appeared with his sheepdog Shep

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