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1."A" was a British Film Certificate classification until 1982. What replaced it, and is still used today
PG. "A" stood for Advisory (not Adult). Those aged 5 and older admitted, but not recommended for unaccompanied children under 14 years of age.
2."B" is the symbol for which chemical element
3."C" is used in science to symbolise capacitance. What is the unit of capacitance.
4."D" was used to signify a pre-decimal penny, with 240 of them in a pound. What did it stand for.
Denarius (or denarii pulral)
5."E" is the country identifier for vehicle registration plates of which country.
6."F" represents the Fahrenheit temperature scale. On this scale, what is the boiling point of water.
212 degrees
7."The G", is a nickname for a large Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park. In which city is this stadium.
Melbourne. (The MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground)
8."H" is the stage name of a performer with which group
Steps. Ian Watkins
9."I" is represented by which word in the phonetic alphabet
10."J" is a character in a trilogy of hit films. Which actor played J.
Will Smith. Agent J in the Men in Black trilogy