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Clues are for two anagrams, number of letters given. ie - voluntarily leave a job or office / Lulu for example (6) would be Resign / Singer

1.A culinary herb and for garnishing food / cigarette brand, once produced Navy Cut (7)
2.An open sore on an external or internal surface of the body / causing pain or suffering to others (5)
3.Army rank / make bigger (7)
4.Most difficult / strands of cotton (6)
5.Asp / gift (7)
6.American nappy / gave back money owed (6)
7.An ordained minister of the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Church / the quality of being lively, vivacious, or witty (6)
8.The Beast or The Dark Destroyer / look for (6)
9.Physical health examination / arithmetic based on the number ten (7)
10.Females / travelled in a boat (6)

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 6th September 2019