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1.Fanny Sunesson was the caddie of which golfer from 1990 until 1999?
2.What was the name of the famous Dutch athlete who was known as "The Flying Housewife" and won 4 gold medals in the London 1948 Olympics?
3.Who directed the film "Fanny and Alexander", which was based on his childhood in Sweden?
4.Bradley Walsh went into hysterics on the chase when a contestant was asked "with which sport is Fanny Schmeller associated?" What was the correct answer?
5.The 1964 film "Funny Girl" was based on the life of which well known American entertainer?
6.Who wrote the novel "Fanny Hill", one of the most prosecuted and banned books ever written?
7.In which novel by Jane Austin does the character Fanny Price appear?
8.What is made by "Fanny Wang"?
9.Fanny La Fan, who's catch phrase was "the flashing knobs" appeared in which British sitcom which aired from 1982 until 1992?
10.Fanny Cradock presented cooking shows with her husband Johnnie Cradock on the BBC from 1956 until 1975, how many husbands did she have in total?