Each answer is a common 3 word phrase, and the 2nd word is always "and". ie Q: Soft substance consisting of muscle, and type O. A: Flesh and blood
1. Six balls and unconscious
 Over and out
2. An examination of evidence by a judge and mistake
 Trial and error
3. Complain and eat
 Wine (whine) and dine
4. Evil character created by Robert Louis Stevenson and religion of the Indian subcontinent
 Hide (hyde) and seek (sikh)
5. Completed and did housework
 Done and dusted
6. Peter Bonetti or Phil Tufnell and a term used in boxing for a swollen bruise caused by a blow to the eye
 Cat and mouse
7. To carry something with you and an extra run scored in cricket when the ball has not been hit by the batsman
 Bring and buy (bye)
8. Reared an animal and edible fatty substance
 Bread (bred) and butter
9. Zeros and crucifixes
 Noughts and crosses
10. Give financial or moral support to, and didn't win an Olympic medal
 Back and forth (fourth)