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Every answer has a number in them

1.Which neo-noir film of 1995 was directed by Terry Gilliam and starred Bruce Willis ?
2.Who is the bass player in Motley Crue ?
3.Enid Blyton`s first outing for this intrepid group of children, featuring Scamper the dog and its leader Peter, was in 1949
4.Which group have had hits with Heathens & Stressed Out ?
5.This book by John Buchan from 1915 was turned into a classic film by Alfred Hitchcock starring Robert Donat in 1935
6.Which rapper`s real name is Curtis James Jackson III ?
7.Gene Pitney had a hit with this song in 1964
8.Jules Verne published this early Sci-Fi adventure novel in 1870
9.Which film of 1969 was based on the fall of Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII`s 2nd wife ?
10.This satirical war novel was written by Joseph Heller

quiz kindly submitted by Andy Walker on 6th January 2020