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The answer to all of the questions is a number between 1 and 10

1.How many pillars make up the basic rules of Islam that all Muslims should follow?
2.How mamy countries border the Brazil?
3.In Genesis 7:2, of the King James bible, how many pairs of clean animals and birds does God tell Noah to take onto the ark?
4.How many best actor Oscars did Gary Cooper win?
5.Elvis Presley had 21 UK number 1 singles, the Beatles had 17 UK number 1 singles. How many UK number 1 singles have the Rolling Stones had as of December 2019?
6.What wind force number is "Light Air" on the Beaufort wind force scale?
7.What was the number of the last unmanned Apollo spacecraft to be launched?
8.Including overseas territories and crown dependencies, how many time zones does the UK have?
9.How many Kings of Scotland were called Malcolm?
10.According to a posthumous number 1 hit record by Eddie Cochran, there are how many steps to heaven?