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All the answers are groups with numbers in their name

1.This group have had hits with Bodyshakin & A Little Bit More
2.This group were formed in Poway, California in 1992
3.This group have had albums called The Pursuit of Accidents & True Colours
4.This group has members called Dereyck Whibley & Dave Baksh
5.This group got their name from a fictional band in the film A Clockwork Orange
6.This group have had hits with Rock Lobster & Love Shack
7.This group were formed in Dublin in 1976
8.This group have had albums called Sunshine & Seeing Double
9.This group has members called Nick Hexum & Aaron `P-Nut` Wills
10.This group took their name from a novel by Joseph Heller

quiz kindly submitted by Snookums on 10th March 2020