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1.Portmeirion is a village in North Wales, used as a location to film which 1960s TV show
2.Port Moresby is the capital city of which country
3.What colour is the light on the port wingtip of an aircraft
4.Le Port is the biggest harbour on the island of RĂ©union. What is the name of its neighbouring island about 100 miles away.
5.Port Sunlight is a village in Merseyside, built by the Lever brothers in the 1890s to house their workforce which made which product.
6.Port of Spain is the capital city of which country
7.Annabel Port is a British radio presenter. She was the co-presenter with Geoff Lloyd 2008-2017 on which national radio station.
8.Port au Prince is the capital city of which country
9.The PORT score is a clinical prediction rule that medical practitioners can use to calculate the probability of death from which illness
10.Port Elizabeth sits on the southern coast of South Africa, east of a 200 mile stretch of coast popular for its wildlife and diverse vegetation. By what name is this region known.

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