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Which of the 3 descriptions is correct

1.A sea cucumber is (a) a plant, (b) a fish, (c) a sea urchin
2.Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian cheese that contains (a) rotten fruit (b) maggots (c) feathers
3.A Durian is an Asian food with a strong smell. Is it (a) pickle, (b) meat, (c) fruit
4.Civet Coffee is so called because (a) a cup contains parts of a civet, (b) the beans have been digested and defecated by a civet, or (c) it is made with civet milk
5.Escamol is a Mexican delicacy of (a) ant larvae, (b) squid ink (c) chicken feet
6.Kiviak is a meal from Greenland. Is it (a) polar bear steak, (b) auk fermented in seal skin, or (c) snow fox feet
7.Abalone is (a) a snail, (b) a snake, (c) a jellyfish
8.Smalahove is a Norwegian dish made of (a) pig feet, (b) cow udder (c) sheep head
9.Bird's nest soup is made using bird's nests made of (a) urine, (b) spit, (c) blood
10.Shirako, or Milt is a Japanese speciality. Is it (a) birds tongue, (b) worms (c) the seminal fluid of fish

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 20th March 2020