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All the answers are or contain the name of a country

1.What is the traditional wide brimmed straw hat from Ecuador called ?
2.Who had a hit in 1983 with the sing `Wishful Thinking` ?
3.Which supermarket chain first began trading in Oswestry in 1970 ?
4.What is the title of the 1989 spy novel by John Le Carre mainly set in Moscow ?
5.This dystopian science fiction film of 1985 was directed by Terry Gilliam
6.What is the name of the old British coin worth 21 shillings ?
7.Who is the drummer with the Red Hot Chili Peppers ?
8.Which Womble is described as being old & wise ?
9.By what other name do we know the model Katie Price ?
10.With which song did Sash! have a number 2 hit in the UK with in 1997 ?

quiz kindly submitted by Snookums on 14th May 2020