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The answers are the numbers 1 up to 10

1.What is the height of the cross bar in soccer in feet ?
2.How many different nations have won the Cricket World Cup ?
3.How many ways can you score in Australian Rules Football ?
4.Which number shirt did George Best wear when playing for Man Utd ?
5.Andre Agassi won the men`s singles title at Wimbledon how many times ?
6.How many players are there in a Baseball team ?
7.How many times did Greg Lemond win the Tour de France ?
8.How many points is the brown ball worth in snooker ?
9.At the present time (season 2019/20) how many teams from London are in the Premier League ?
10.How many laps did the original Isle of Man TT do of the first course ?

quiz kindly submitted by Snookums on 21st May 2020