The answers have the surname Walker in them
1. Who wrote the book `The Color Purple` ?
 Alice Walker
2. This famous motor racing commentator was born in Birmingham.
 Murray Walker
3. This Texas Ranger TV character was played by Chuck Norris.
 Cordell Walkler
4. Who had hit songs with `The Sun Ain`t Gonna Shine Anymore` & ` No Regrets` ?
 The Walker Brothers
5. This heavy weight boxer was born in Stepney in 1939.
 Billy Walker
6. Which comedian presented the TV show Catchphrase from 1986 to 1999 ?
 Roy Walker
7. This Scottish footballer won 3 caps for his country and played for Celtic, Bolton Wanderers, & Ayr Utd amongst other teams.
 Andy Walker
8. This dystopian novel was written by Russell Hoban.
 Riddley Walker
9. This American Blues guitarist died in 1975 aged 64.
 T-Bone Walker
10. Which DJ began his career with the pirate radio station Swinging Radio England in 1966 ?
 Johnnie Walker