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1.What is the predominant colour on the United Nations flag
2.The United Colours of Benetton is a range of products, but the family who were responsible for the company's creation come from which country.
3.In the 2020/2021 English Premier league, 5 teams are called United. Manchester, West Ham, Newcastle, and which 2 others.
4.In which US State is the headquarters of UPS, United Parcel Service
5.How many points would the word UNITED score at UK scrabble (not placed on bonus squares)
6.The United Arab Emirates is a sovereign state made up of a federation of how many different emirates
7.United We Stand is the little known debut album released in 1970 by a group that went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK in 1976. Name the group.
8.Which home nation is not represented on the United Kingdom Union Flag, (aka Union Jack)
9.In the United States, the Four Corners monument marks the spot where 4 states meet at right angles. Name one of these four states.
10.United Artists was formed in 1919 by 4 individuals. Which one was British.

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