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1.The Railway Arms was the fictional pub in which TV police drama, first broadcast in 2006
2.The Tour de France is made up of how many legs (or stages).
3.Who wrote "Farewell to Arms"
4.According to the title of the 1982 hit by Haysi Fantayzee, who was "Big Leggy"
5.There are 3 bones in the human arm. Humerus, Radius & which other
6.How many legs does a crab have
7.Name the Saudi arms dealer & billionaire businessman known for his lavish lifestyle, who died in 2017 in London aged 82
8.Dr Legg has been a recurring character in which TV programme since 1985
9.What is the French translation of "arm"
10.In which English county would you find Legoland

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 5th September 2020