1. What is Italy`s national sport ?
2. Rome is Italy`s largest city by population - what is the 2nd ?
3. What is the letter Z worth in Italian scrabble ?
4. How many times have Italy won the Euerovision Song Contest ?
 Twice 1964 & 1990
5. What colour jersey does the leader of the Giro d`Italia cycle race wear ?
6. The Italian TV puppet character Topo Gigio was what type of animal ?
 A mouse
7. What is Italy`s biggest industry with circa 12% of its annual GDP ?
8. How many nation states have a border with Italy ?
 6 France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino, & the Vatican City
9. In Italy they say you will have good fortune if your what animal sneeze /
 A cat
10. Francesco Molinari is a top performer in which sport