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1.Which 1980’s action movie did ‘Dutch’ battle an alien in a Central American jungle ?
2.Name the capital city of Afghanistan ?
3.‘Uluru’ is also known as what ?
4.Who at the 1995 World Athletics Championships beat his own Triple Jump world, which he set on his previous jump 20 minutes earlier ?
5.Name the highest grossing movie at the worldwide box office in 1977 ?
6.In Roald Dahl’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what was Charlie’s surname ?
7.In Texas Hold’em Poker, what is the best possible winning hand that can be achieved ?
8.Which horror actors’ voice and cackling laugh can be heard at the end of the Michael Jackson song, Thriller ?
9.Who played ‘Blanco’ in 3 episodes of the TV comedy classic, Porridge.
10.Which Premier League football team are nicknamed, ‘The Toffees’