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1.In which Clint Eastwood movie did the character Harry Callahan state “Go ahead, make my Day” ?
2.Which English Premier League football team became ‘Invincible’ in 2004 ?
3.What type of insects are called Brimstone, Drinker and Ruby Tiger ?
4.Which famous UK rock band 'wanted it all’ in 1989 ?
5.Which 1980’s TV show featured a talking Pontiac Trans Am ?
6.In which country would you find the Ural Mountains ?
7.Which author wrote ‘To kill a mockingbird’ ?
8.In which year did the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster happen ?
9.In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which 100m runner was disqualified after winning the final race in a world record time of 9.79 seconds ?
10.In 2012, which Korean rapper achieved the first 1 billion views for a single video on YouTube ?