1. ‘Azure’, ‘Large Red’ and ‘Common Blue’ are types of which flying insect, known for laying their eggs in water ?
2. In the 2000 hit film Cast Away, Tom Hanks’ character Chuck Noland becomes stranded on a desert island with ‘Wilson’. What was ‘Wilson’ ?
3. Which of these cities is furthest north in England, Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds ?
4. Lake Victoria spans three African countries, Tanzania, Uganda and which other country ?
5. The 1960 movie thriller ‘Psycho’ was directed by who ?
6. Who has won the Wimbledon female single tennis championship the most times ?
7. Which 20th century abstract expressionist artist created his work by pouring, splashing and dripping liquid paint onto a canvas laid horizontally ?
8. Which 1970’s Sci-fi TV show starring Martin Landau begun its story with an explosive chain reaction causing the Moon to be ripped from its orbit around Earth ?
9. Who had a Christmas number one in the UK singles chart in 1993 ?
10. Mount Rushmore is situated in which USA state, North Dakota or South Dakota ?