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1.A needle, a hurricane, a potato and some cheeses
2.Lobo, Alice, Fuji and James Grieve
3.Moody, Floyd, Simply and 5
4.American daytime soap opera (one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world), a short poem by Philip Larkin, 1968 Kinks song, and the stage name of Doris Kappelhoff (1922–2019)
5.Kite, Arrow, Admiral, Cabbage
6.The lower edge of a sail, a unit of length, Labour Leader from 1980 to 1983, and part of a sewing machine
7.Millennium, Isis, Vauxhall and Barnes
8.The youngest sibling of actor River Phoenix, a hit song from Grease, a small building in a garden, and a British film 1963 starring Cliff Richard.
9.The name of the Blue Peter cat from 2006 (who replaced Smudge), an American male tennis player who was no8 in the world in 2017, a type of simple puppet, and an item of clothing.
10.Casino Royale, Lolita, Two Way Stretch, and Dr Strangelove.