1. Which island would you be standing on if you were approximately 5km east of the 'Golden Gate Bridge' ?
 Alcatraz Island
2. Where is the only place on Earth that you could stand at a height of 8,848m above sea level ?
 Mount Everest
3. Which sea would you be swimming in, to the east of Baku in Azerbaijan ?
 Caspian Sea
4. If you were climbing 'Mount Kilimanjaro', in which country would you be ?
5. If you were able to jump 384,400km from Earths’ surface and land safely, where would you be ?
 The Moon (384,400km is the average distance from Earth)
6. If you were looking at the ‘Statue de la Liberte’ situated on the ‘Ile aux Cygnes,’ in which city would you be ?
 Paris (Statue de la Liberte is a 22m tall replica of the Statue of Liberty)
7. The 'Farne Islands' are situated in which sea ?
 North Sea
8. If you were in Agra, India, which famous mausoleum would you visit ?
 Taj Mahal
9. If you were sailing though the ‘Bering Straight,’ which two countries would you be passing by ?
 Russia and the USA
10. Where would you be if you visited ‘The Luxor’, ‘Tropicana’, ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Treasure Island’ ?
 Las Vegas