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1.Complete the title of this Stephen King short novel, Rita Hayworth and the……
2.‘The Hunger Games’ novels were written by which female author ?
3.Complete the title of this Dennis Lehane novel; which was also made into a 2003 film directed by Clint Eastwood. Mystic……
4.James Dover Grant is the real name of which author who wrote the ‘Jack Reacher’ series of novels ?
5.The 2020 novel ‘A Time for Mercy’ by John Grisham is the second sequel to which 1989 novel? (which was also adapted into a 1996 film starring Matthew McConaughey)
6.CIA analyst Jack Ryan is a character created by which novelist?
7.‘The Tailor of Panama’ and ‘The Constant Gardener’ are novels written by which British author ?
8.Which Dan Brown novel from the year 2000 introduced the character Robert Langdon?
9.Anne Rice is an American author who’s debut novel featured immortal characters named ‘Louis de Pointe du Lac’ and ‘Lestat de Lioncourt’. What was the name of this novel ?
10.Margaret Mitchell wrote which 1936 novel; with its subsequent film adaptation winning 8 Academy Awards in 1939 ?