Halloween Pub Quiz Pack

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1.Which 1960’s Californian pop rock band were originally called ‘The Pendletones’ ? (which referenced the ‘Pendleton’, a style of woollen shirt popular at the time) ?
2.Which Canadian rock band, who had their most successful period in the 2000’s were originally called ‘Village Idiot’ when they formed as a cover band in the 1990’s ?
3.Which famous pop group from the Isle of Man were originally called ‘The Rattlesnakes’ ?
4.Which husband and wife duo originally sang as ‘Caesar and Cleo’ ?
5.Which legendary British heavy metal band popular in the 1970’s were originally called ‘Polka Tulk Blues Band’ but later re-named the band after a horror film starring Boris Karloff ?
6.Which all female American pop rock group formed in the early 1980’s was originally called ‘The Bangs’ ?
7.Which 1970’s British prog rock band settled on their final stage name, after originally naming themselves the ‘The Screaming Abdabs’ and ‘The Tea Set’ ?
8.‘The Salty Peppers’ was the original name of which successful 1970’s American band known for their songs containing a mixture of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop and dance ?
9.‘Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem’ was the original name for which often shirtless funk-rock band from California ?
10.Which chart topping rhythm and blues band, formed in Newcastle in the early 1960’s was originally named ‘The Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo’ ?