Give the one surname that connects the 3 clues
1. Won the Formula One World Championship in 1976 / Played Mike Gambit in TV series The Avengers / Main character in the TV series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes
 Hunt. (James / Gareth / Gene)
2. UK Prime Minister 1976 to 1979 / Clint Eastwood character in "Magnum Force" and "The Enforcer" / SNP politician who unseated Jo Swinson in 2019
 Callaghan. (James / Harry / Amy)
3. Actress who played "Nursie" in Blackadder II / Irish comedian seen on panel shows, who drove down the Pan-American Highway with Dara Ó Briain / Actress who played Slytherin student Pansy Parkinson in the Harry Potter series
 Byrne. (Patsy / Ed / Scarlett)
4. Singer who co-founded the Beach Boys / Soul singer with hits "Reet Petite" and "I Get the Sweetest Feeling" / Victor Meldrew
 Wilson. (Brian / Jackie / Richard)
5. English rugby union international player who played in the 2003 World Cup winning side / Ali G / Canadian singer-songwriter who sang
 Cohen. (Ben / Sacha Baron / Leonard)
6. Lead singer of The Killers / Bass guitarist with T Rex / The globe artichoke and broccoli are technically examples of what?
 Flowers. (Brandon / Herbie / Flowers)
7. American stand-up comedian based in the United Kingdom, middle name Darnell / Played "Lonely" in the TV thriller series Callan / Married to Rod Stewart 1990-2006
 Hunter. (Reginald D / Russell / Rachel)
8. TV policeman played by Stephen Tompkinson / family name on TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air / family name in the Mary Poppins books by PL Travers
 Banks. (DCI Alan Banks)
9. Current host of Radio 2 breakfast show / American comedienne married to Desi Arnaz / Played the title role in TV's "Hazell"
 Ball. (Zoe / Lucille / Nicholas)
10. What connects the 9 surnames?
 1966 World Cup Finals. They were all named within the 22 England players. (Roger Hunt, Ian Callaghan, Gerry Byrne, Ray Wilson, George Cohen, Ron Flowers, Norman Hunter, Gordon Banks, Alan Ball