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1.Which WW1 nurse openly helped the injured of both sides, helped allied POWs escape, was charged with treason and executed in 1915
2.Dr. Henry Higgins appears in which George Bernard Shaw play
3.What was the character name of "hot lips" in MASH (played on TV by Loretta Swit)
4.Dr. Pamela Isley is better known as a comic book villain by which name.
5.Nurse Duckett & Nurse Cramer are characters in which Joseph Heller novel
6.Which "doctor" appears in the full name of the house band for The Muppet Show
7.Which soap opera, named after and set in a New Zealand hospital has been on TV in NZ since 1992
8.Name the male doctor who appeared alongside doctors Pixie McKenna and Dawn Harper on TV's Embarrassing Bodies
9.Which female comedienne moved from psychiatric nursing to do stand-up
10.Dr Claw is the arch enemy of which clumsy, dim-witted cyborg detective on children's TV

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 10th March 2021