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Each answer has three words, and the middle word is always "the"

1.Character first seen in Wallace & Gromit, went on to feature in his own TV spin off series. The series inspired its own spin-off, Timmy Time.
Shaun the Sheep
2.Found buried under a Leicester car park
Richard the Third
3.Despite being born half-man, half animal, he has managed to have a long and successful career as a goalkeeper for Fulchester United, in Viz magazine.
Billy the Fish
4.Feature of Mount Corcovado
Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janiero)
5.Nickname given to an Olympic swimmer from Equatorial Guinea in 2000, who had never seen an Olympic-sized swimming pool before he swam his heat of the 100m freestyle.
Eric the Eel
6.William H. Bonney
Billy the Kid
7.Enforcer and hitman with links to the Kray twins, murdered by Reggie Kray in 1967
Jack the Hat
8.Comic-book villain played in a 1980 hit movie by Max von Sydow
Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon's nemesis)
9.Nickname given to Michael Edwards, British Olympic contestant in 1988
Eddie the Eagle (1988 winter Olympics in Calgary)
10.He won nineteen races in a row, including the English Greyhound Derby on two successive occasions
Mick the Miller (Iconic greyhound 1920s & 30s)