1. The surnames of which all female 90’s pop group were, Lynch, Armaou, Lynch and O'Carroll ?
2. The members of which all male pop group had the surnames Knight, McIntyre, Wood, Wahlberg and Knight ?
 New Kids on the Block
3. Sixx, Mars, Neil and Lee are the surnames of the members of which successful rock band from the 1980’s ?
 Mötley Crüe
4. Solem and Wilde were the surnames of the members of which pop group, that also shares it’s name with a famous artist ?
 The Rembrandts
5. Lowe and Tennant are the surnames of which pop duo ?
 Pet Shop Boys
6. Which Swedish pop rock duo had the surnames of Fredriksson and Gessle ?
7. Jones, Hughes, Rose, Willis, Hodo and Briley were the surnames of which 1970’s global chart-topping disco group?
 Village People
8. Which chart-topping band formed in the early 1990’s had the members surnames Mortimer, Hendy, Coldwell and Harvey ?
 East 17
9. The surnames of which UK rock band where Savage, Clarke, Elliott, Collen and Allen ?
 Def Leppard
10. Which Eurovision winning group had the surnames of Aston, G , Baker and Nolan ?
 Bucks Fizz