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1.Which one of the following is a non-magnetic metal: Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cobalt
2.Which of these cities does NOT have a Disney theme park: Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Shanghai.
3.Which one of the following historical figures was NOT beheaded: William Wallace, Richard III, Thomas Cromwell, Mary I
Richard III (Killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field, the last English king to be killed in battle)
4.Which is the Prime Number: 111, 113, 117, 119
113 (111 is divisible by 3, 117 divisible by 3, 119 divisible by 7)
5.Which of these is NOT a Womble that appeared in the TV series: Tomsk, Alderney, Richmond, Stepney.
Richmond. (There were 12 Wombles that appeared in the 90's TV series, but many more mentioned by name)
6.What is the name of the smaller island to the south of The Isle of Man: Foot of Man, Calf of Man, Shin of Man, Toe of Man
Calf of Man
7.Which is the only number to be represented in Morse Code by a single character: A, E, I, O
E is a single dot.
8.Which is NOT a cube number: 64, 216, 518, 1000
518 (64 is 4x4x4, 216 is 6x6x6, 1000 is 10x10x10)
9.Which of these US presidents was NOT impeached: Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson, Donald Trump
Richard Nixon. Three articles of impeachment were filed against Nixon for “high crimes and misdemeanours.” However, he resigned from office on 9th August 1974, before the impeachment commenced.
10.Which of these rivers does NOT form part of the border of Texas: Red, Rio Grande, Mississippi, Sabine