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1.Which one of the following is a non-magnetic metal: Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cobalt
2.Which of these cities does NOT have a Disney theme park: Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Shanghai.
3.Which one of the following historical figures was NOT beheaded: William Wallace, Richard III, Thomas Cromwell, Mary I
4.Which is the Prime Number: 111, 113, 117, 119
5.Which of these is NOT a Womble that appeared in the TV series: Tomsk, Alderney, Richmond, Stepney.
6.What is the name of the smaller island to the south of The Isle of Man: Foot of Man, Calf of Man, Shin of Man, Toe of Man
7.Which is the only number to be represented in Morse Code by a single character: A, E, I, O
8.Which is NOT a cube number: 64, 216, 518, 1000
9.Which of these US presidents was NOT impeached: Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson, Donald Trump
10.Which of these rivers does NOT form part of the border of Texas: Red, Rio Grande, Mississippi, Sabine

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 24th October 2021