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Each question has multiple answers, & the possible number of answers is given. In each case, give the number of answers required.

1.Elizabeth Taylor married 8 times (to 7 men). Name 4 of them
2.South Africa has borders with 6 other countries. Name 2 of them.
3.3 different Brazilian drivers have won the F1 World Championship (8 times combined). Name 2 of them
4.Between 1966 & 1971, Matt Munro sang 5 hit songs from movies. Name 2 of them
5.There were 3 kings during the House of Lancaster period 1399-1422. Name 1 of them
6.S Club 7 had their hit singles between 1999 & 2003. Name 1 of the 7 members.
7.Hannibal Lecter, created by Thomas Harris, has been portrayed by 5 actors in movies & on TV. Name 2 of these actors.
8.Elton John has had 7 UK no1 singles in his career. 5 of these were collaborations with another singer or band. Name 3 of the collaborators.
9.There are 6 chemical elements that begin with the letter D or E. Name 2 of them
10.Miss Moneypenny has been played by 4 actresses in the EON produced James Bond movies 1962 to date. Name 2 of these actresses

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