Each answer ends in the letter O
1. British journalist, broadcaster and former politician who has middle names Denzil Xavier
 Michael Portillo
2. A game designed in 1947, adapted from Newfooty, a table football game that had been invented years earlier.
3. A technique of mural painting on freshly laid plaster
4. Character played by Naomi Harris in the Pirates of the Caribbean series
5. A sweet Italian liqueur with almond-like flavour
6. Rapid in tempo
7. A Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara (and also a model of car)
8. The 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
9. A failure or humiliating situation. A Farce.
10. Name the London taxi driver who won Mastermind in 1980, who went on to become a presenter and radio host.
 Fred Housego